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HostBridge began as a “clean sheet” design in 1999, at a meeting between Russ Teubner, Scott Glenn (HostBridge co-founders), and Marshall Gordon, then Chief IT Architect at Delta Dental of California. Marshall helped shape the founding vision of HostBridge, including its use of XML and the CICS Link Bridge facility. He also set a standard we strive to live up to, which became our first guiding principle: Start with a full understanding of what real customers do with real CICS applications...

Why Customers Choose HostBridge?

In our experience, there have been three main reasons why customers choose HostBridge and come back for repeat business.

First are our products. HostBridge “makes CICS integration real.” That’s not just a tagline, by the way. It’s a verbatim quote from an executive at a very important partner company. By “real” he meant a couple of things about both our products and our company.

The HostBridge product set provides some of the best software for integrating CICS and other mainframe resources with other applications and architectures. Our team knows CICS, and that knowledge is reflected in our second guiding principle: Exploit the best of what CICS natively has to offer...

For starters, HostBridge was designed to run on the mainframe under CICS, to utilize the Link Bridge facility to intercept CICS BMS Send and Receive commands before the terminal data stream was generated as output or expected as input, and to generate XML documents from CICS data automatically. As a result, we helped make XML- and services-based integration of CICS data easier than it had ever been before.

The second reason customers choose and stay with HostBridge is our company. In his “real” statement, our friend was also recognizing something about our DNA. We do the hard stuff. When it comes to CICS integration, you, we, and our friends at IBM are often dealing with decades-old applications and code that was written by long-departed programmers. Nonetheless, it is absolutely critical to your business operations. We understand that to deliver the best product when we get in the trenches with you, roll up our sleeves, and get the job done right.

Third is you and what you really do with CICS. Our product direction and development efforts have been and will continue to be guided by customers’ real needs to integrate CICS applications and by the challenges they face in doing so. Every product and module you see described on our Product pages represents a practical solution to a real customer’s integration challenge.

Guiding Principles

By way of summary, now is an appropriate time to share all five of our guiding principles:

Your Input

We welcome and encourage your input about our products or our service. If we can improve either, let us know. And if we’re doing okay, you can let us know that as well. If you’d like to get in touch and don’t have contact info handy for one of the HostBridge team, you can reach us in several ways: We’ll get back to you promptly.