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HostBridge Customer Testimonials

HostBridge works closely with customers to solve any integration challenge. We are known for rolling up our sleeves, getting down in the trenches alongside customers, and doing the hard stuff. As a result, more and more customers around the world have designated HostBridge their enterprise integration standard. Here are a few of things they’ve had to say.

HostBridge Team/Support

My team is raving about your responsiveness. In an age when integrity lasts till the next sale, you are head and shoulders above the rest. CTO, State Department of Transportation

HostBridge has exceeded our expectations by a mile. AVP IT, Insurance Company

Your last “Letter from the Trenches” was GREAT! I’ve created a Tech Notes folder just for HostBridge content. Integration Analyst, State Bank

Russ’s onsite visit was the best experience I’ve ever had with a vendor. His persistence gave us the exact corrective to an obscure IBM VSAM rule quirk. 30-Year IT Pro, Financial Institution

HostBridge support was great. The HostBridge team is thoroughly experienced with CICS and Ideal; they helped us solve very complex problems. Bobby Tjassens, CZ system programmer. Case Study-CZ Actief in Gezondheid

HostBridge Benefits: Performance, Speed, Flexibility

HostBridge allowed us to rethink our integration more as part of an SOA. The services we built addressed our immediate integration need, but they are also flexible and reusable, so we can use them to Internet access for remote employees, agents, and service reps and for customers. HostBridge has the ability to grow as our vision grows. Our enterprise architecture group would like everybody with a mainframe integration need to use HostBridge. AVP IT, Insurance Company

But by far the biggest benefit of HostBridge is that we can leverage our legacy business logic without incurring the high costs associated with changing mainframe code. Systems Architect at Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System

Ninety-seven percent of the time, mainframe requests were completed in less than a second – that’s less than a second to receive the request, interact with the policy application, complete dozens of transactions, analyze the results, package the results, and deliver ACORD XML back to our front end. So almost half of all requests to HostBridge were completed and sent back in about a quarter of a second. That is amazingly fast. AVP IT, Insurance Company

Using the HostBridge JavaScript Engine, we were able to develop 40 RESTful Web services in 35 man days for our first solution integrating our CICS lease management application and Siebel CRM. IT Director, Auto Manufacturer

By far the biggest benefit is the way HostBridge has helped us regain lost productivity. Farm Credit Services of America