HostBridge Technology


CA Support Modules

CA Ideal™, CA Telon®, CA IDMS™, CA Gener/OL™

Optional HostBridge CA Support Modules enable organizations to extend, modernize, automate, and integrate CICS applications developed using:

HostBridge Web Services Integration Software and the HostBridge CA Support Modules are CA-Validated. And HostBridge is the only product of its type that can be used with all CICS-based applications developed using CA tools.

HostBridge is the only product of its type that can be used with all CICS applications developed using CA tools.

By choosing one of the CA Support Modules, organizations extend the life of CA investments and increase returns on CA developer knowledge. Developers can continue to build applications in the CA development environments while HostBridge converts them to XML or Web services for integration. The most trusted legacy applications can now be utilized in up-to-date, flexible integration architectures.

Integration Using Screen/Field Names

HostBridge ensures high-performance, high-fidelity integration of CA-based applications. Uniquely, the HostBridge panel mapping facility extracts and stores field names from the source of existing panels. This allows HostBridge to identify panels and navigate through them by means of screen names, not the row/column coordinates used in “screen scraping” software.

Using HostBridge, organizations are able to integrate CA application transactions without rewriting applications and ensure that integrations do not break when the location of a field name changes.