HostBridge Technology


Web Interfaces for CICS & Mainframe Applications

HostBridge WIRE – .NET-Based Web Interface Rules Engine

The HostBridge Web Interface Rules Engine (WIRE) is a Microsoft .NET programming and runtime environment that enables organizations to rapidly develop and deploy web interfaces for the presentation of CICS data and business logic delivered as XML documents by HostBridge. WIRE interfaces modernize legacy data, making it easy for today’s users – employees, partners, or customers – to interact with mainframe applications and data in a familiar, self-service browser setting.

WIRE Presentation Modes

Running on Microsoft IIS Web Server and highly scalable, WIRE consumes XML or Web services generated by HostBridge and, using AJAX, updates legacy applications via three browser-based, mouse-driven presentation modes:

Using Enhanced Mode, developers can:


WIRE includes an integrated development environment (IDE) that will be familiar to any .NET programmer. The IDE resides within Visual Studio .NET and features a full suite of object-oriented .NET components. Within the IDE, developers can design, develop, debug, and deploy WIRE interfaces and also configure WIRE’s data dictionary, XSLT templates, and general config files. With WIRE, HostBridge gets you to the front end faster.