HostBridge Technology


zIIP-Enable CICS Integration/Web Services Workloads

HostBridge for zIIP

HostBridge for zIIP is HostBridge running on the IBM System z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP). Organizations choosing HostBridge for zIIP gain the benefits and advantages of the zIIP specialty engine specifically for their CICS- and other mainframe-based integration workloads, whether those workloads are for application, web enablement, service-oriented architecture, or cloud integration.

The HostBridge Base Product and the HostBridge JavaScript Engine are 100% zIIP-eligible, and all scripts/Web services written using HostBridge are 100% zIIP-eligible.

HostBridge for zIIP Architecture

HostBridge for zIIP is HostBridge – the same integration software, the same code base, the same functionality – with the addition of specific technologies that allow HostBridge to run according to zIIP-eligibility rules set by IBM.

HostBridge for zIIP utilizes a division of labor that allows it to run “under,” “inside,” and “outside” CICS:

This unique architecture allows 100% of HostBridge core components and 100% of scripts/Web services written with HostBridge to run on the zIIP – and it allows our customers to leverage the benefits of the zIIP for all their varied integration workloads.

Many IT professionals have been of the mindset that anything CICS-related could not run on the zIIP. HostBridge proves this to be wrong.

zIIP-Enabling CICS Integration/Service-Oriented Architecture Workloads

The benefits of shifting workloads from general purpose processors (GPs) to the zIIP specialty engine are significant:

HostBridge for zIIP brings these same benefits to your CICS integration/service-oriented architecture workloads and other mainframe integration workloads.

Higher-Order Dynamic Workloads

HostBridge customers use the HostBridge JavaScript Engine (HB.js)[1] for a wide range of purposes – orchestrating transactions, composing services, consolidating application logic, and SOA-enabling business logic and data. Many, in effect, use HB.js to write dynamic applications that perform high-order business processes.

Rather than writing new applications with traditional tools such as COBOL, HostBridge customers can now leverage the power, flexibility, and familiarity of JavaScript to develop dynamic new applications that will now be 100% zIIP-eligible. With HostBridge “zIIP-eligible” can rapidly become “zIIP-enabled.”

HostBridge Technology is licensed by IBM to run its mainframe integration software and scripts/Web services on the zIIP specialty engine.


[1] HB.js was formerly known as the HostBridge Process Automation Engine.