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32-Bit HostBridge Redis for z/OS for FREE

Test the NoSQL Data Store in Your Mainframe Environment

Take a Redis test drive – for free! Download the 32-bit version of HostBridge Redis for z/OS®, and then use it to see how you can put your highest-value, system-of-record data to work in new mobile, cloud, and analytics applications.

Redis powers many of today’s ultra-scalable cloud and mobile apps. HostBridge® Redis for z/OS brings this in-memory, NoSQL data store to IBM z Systems™ as a modernizing extension of DB2®, VSAM™, Datacom® and other traditional database systems. By shifting portions of data workloads to HostBridge Redis, customers will gain significantly greater performance, scalability, and interoperability; add value to their existing data systems; and reduce the cost of processing data workloads.

Download Free 32-Bit HostBridge Redis for z/OS

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Learn More About HostBridge Redis for z/OS

To learn more about Redis and HostBridge Redis for z/OS – including our enterprise-class 64-bit version – visit our HostBridge Redis for z/OS product page.

To speak with us about your data needs and HostBridge Redis for z/OS, or any of our other mainframe integration and optimization products, please email us or call 866-965-2427.