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HostBridge HBZT CPU Monitor

Performance Testing Software – Free Download

During the customer engagement that led to development of HostBridge Socket Support, HostBridge needed to measure CPU consumption for a CICS region during input/output operations between a distributed communication gateway and a CICS application. Our measurements had to be high-resolution (accurate to the microsecond level), low-overhead, immediate, and zIIP- and zAAP-inclusive. Unable to find an existing tool to meet these requirements, we developed four new tools that allowed us to drive testing very fast and assess results from all necessary angles.

The tool with the broadest applicability is the HostBridge HBZT CPU Monitor (HBZT) – a CICS transaction that provides a summary of MVS ASSB timers. HBZT provides CPU usage statistics for a given CICS region over a defined period of time. These statistics can then be used to ascertain how much CPU time can be saved by moving a portion of central processor (CP) activity to the zIIP.

HBZT CPU Transaction

HBZT is a simple one-screen transaction designed to yield a range of information about address space CPU consumption with a bare minimum of CPU time consumption inside of CICS. When you run the HBZT transaction, you will see the HBZT ACTUAL mode screen, like this:


In ACTUAL Mode HBZT provides a snapshot of the MVS/ASSB for a single CICS region at the moment of entry. Inside the dashed line are various ASSB counters with explanations to the right. These values represent a baseline taken at the beginning of a test. (Baseline values can be reset to zero at any time by pressing PF1.)

You can now run a test cycle, press Enter, and HBZT returns in DELTA Mode, which computes and presents the difference between the two sets of MVS/ASSB values between the two measurement points. DELTA Mode is shown here:


As seen here, HBZT shows CPU time for both the CP and the zIIP.

Free HBZT Download

Because HBZT measures performance that is otherwise hard to capture, we are happy to make it available to CICS customers free of charge. Please fill out this brief form to access the HBZT download and documentation. Asterisks indicate required fields.

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Special thanks to Larry Lawler and Ed Jaffe, industry friends who were kind enough to assist with technical details while we built these tools.

The other three performance tools are: (1) CICS XMNOUT exit to log transaction metrics via WTO, (2) a CICS-based test harness to generate socket activity, and (3) a PC-based test harness to generate socket activity from the outside. To discuss the applicability and availability of these tools, please contact us.