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System z Integration

Driven by Principles – Powered by HostBridge

Since its founding, HostBridge has been guided by core principles: understand the real business and technology challenges that drive customers to seek integration solutions, exploit the best tools and technologies IBM System z has to offer, and adopt the most flexible open standards for system integration. Guided by these, we design the highest-performance, highest-fidelity integration software for the mainframe customer.

As technology continues to evolve with new concepts such as cloud computing and customers strive to keep pace, our principles continue to inform our vision and planning. The product directions outlined on this page have been conceived to help customers address real challenges with powerful, flexible, efficient, and economical integration solutions.

HostBridge Product and Service Offerings

The software components that permit high-performance and high-fidelity integration for System z and CICS.

The software components that allow work, running with the zBridge environment, to exploit the modern System z architecture efficiently (e.g., specialty engines).

The software components that permit customers to use zBridge and zBus to build domain-specific “federated” ESBs for CICS TX and System z.

The software components that permit seamless interaction between zBridge and other cloud-based apps and data sources – inside or outside System z.