HostBridge Technology


HostBridge Product Resources

HostBridge provides you with two free software resources and additional information.

30-Day HostBridge Evaluation

Try before you buy. Use this page to contact HostBridge and receive a free 30-day evaluation version of HostBridge integration software.

Sample Sockets Programs

These free programs allow a CICS program to invoke a Java Server Page (JSP), Active Server Page (ASP), or other CGI program via an HTTP GET request. Responses are returned to the CICS program. Available in Assembler and COBOL and usable without HostBridge, these programs can serve as sample code for those interested in adding support for CICS Socket I/O to their own programs.

Evolution of the HostBridge Product Family

A brief summary of how our products and product names have evolved over time. From HostBridge to HostBridge for zIIP, our products harness high-value integration and optimization resources to move your business forward.