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CICS & Mainframe Integration and Optimization

Perspectives on Web, Application, SOA & Cloud Integration

HostBridge Solutions pages present business, technical, and industry perspectives on mainframe integration and optimization.

CICS Web Services

A Web services layer between CICS and the outside world allows CICS to interact with virtually any other information system – other business applications inside the company, systems running at partner sites, cloud resources, and Web servers connecting to client devices of every kind. Make CICS a full participant in the world of modern interoperability.

z/OS Data and Redis

Redis addresses specific data and application integration challenges for mainframe customers, allowing them to share and integrate data more efficiently and at lower cost. Standardize on the same technology that is revolutionizing Web-, mobile-, and cloud-based data architectures.

Solace and HostBridge

Trends like big data, cloud computing, ubiquitous mobility and the Internet of Things all place new demands on enterprise IT – massive volumes of information, much more diverse and lightweight endpoints, and the increasingly distributed storage and processing of information. By combining a high-performance mainframe software solution with a high-performance message router middleware, sending/receiving large volumes of real-time information to address these trends is made simpler.

Integrate CICS and SOA

SOA may be the single most effective and efficient means of unifying disparate information systems. Organizations that adopt SOA as their overarching IT strategy streamline operational processes, improve workforce productivity, increase business agility, cut costs, and create revenue opportunities. By integrating CICS and System z into an SOA, these organizations add a whole new level of value to their most trusted and powerful platform.

Web-Enable CICS & System z

Enterprises Web-enable legacy applications to modernize the mainframe for today’s employees, partners, and customers, and to provide self-service access to high-value applications and data. Web interfaces – ranging from enhanced “green screens” to rich Web 2.0 composites – extend the mainframe to many new users, streamline business processes, increase productivity, reduce costs, create business opportunities, and generate new revenue.

Mainframe to Mobile

Carry the mainframe in the palm of your hand. From iPads to Android phones, and anything in between, HostBridge WIRE delivers access to users anywhere, at any time. From the floor of a warehouse, to the broad environment of a health insurance/healthcare cooperative, the mobile mainframe allows personnel, partners, and customers at all levels to access the data they need on demand.

Application Integration

Whether you have a diverse infrastructure of mainframe and distributed resources or have deployed multiple applications to carry out the same business process over time, you can integrate applications using Web services to reduce redundancy, reduce operating costs, avoid expensive re-engineering or migration, and increase returns on trusted assets.

Cloud Solutions and CICS Applications

As IBM continues to add cloud capabilities to System z, enterprises increasingly see the mainframe as the platform of choice for cloud deployments. While most discussion revolves around infrastructure and platform services, CICS applications also offer software-as-a-service opportunities.

CICS & z to Anywhere

Build a bridge...from z to anywhere. Standards-based Web services make legacy CICS applications and System z data universally interoperable. HostBridge uses JavaScript, XML, SOAP, RESTful protocols, and other standards to integrate anything mainframe with anything distributed.

Run Web Services, SOA, and Integration Workloads on the zIIP

Organizations shift workloads from general purpose processors (GPs) to the less expensive and possibly faster zIIP to increase use of certain workloads, reduce processing costs, and lower mainframe total cost of ownership (TCO), and defer GP upgrades. Businesses that use software from licensed ISVs such as HostBridge for CICS integration can now zIIP-enable CICS Web services and integration/SOA workloads. HostBridge is 100% zIIP-eligible.

Web Interfaces Replace 3270 Terminal Emulation

Terminal emulation is a limiting technology. It sustains an outdated user interface, increases IT costs, and often hinders organizations from adopting more advanced web interface solutions for and System z. Organizations can address these problems by replacing 3270 or 5250 terminal emulators with a modern mainframe web-enablement solution such as HostBridge WIRE, the Web Interface Rules Engine.

Integrating CA-Based CICS Applications

HostBridge empowers organizations to maintain and extend investments in CA development environments, including CA Ideal™ for CA Datacom®, CA Telon®, CA Gener/OL™, and CA ADS™ for CA IDMS™. HostBridge has unique capabilities for integrating CA-based applications that deliver higher performance and higher fidelity integrations that other solutions. HostBridge integration solutions for CA applications are CA Validated.

Business Process Management (BPM) and CICS

Mainframe data and business logic can take an increasing vital part in business process flows and business process management (BPM). HostBridge simplifies and expedites BPM interactions with CICS by managing and automating navigation through sequences of mainframe screen. It returns only the requested information as XML or web services that can be readily consumed by BPM software solutions or formatted for direct, actionable presentation to business analysts can understand.

XML-Based Integration for Financial Services

By providing a reliable XML interface to CICS applications, HostBridge helps financial institutions meet industry requirements for reduced settlement cycles (T+1). HostBridge works securely within Web Support (CWS) and other IBM-provided components for secure data transactions.

HostBridge and Section 508 Accessibility

Under Section 508, United States government agencies have had to find new ways to transform legacy systems into Section 508-compliant interfaces that are accessible to people with disabilities. HostBridge makes it easy to build new interfaces from XML and improve accessibility of critical CICS applications.