HostBridge Technology


Integrating the Mainframe with Modern Applications & Architectures

A Joint Solution from HostBridge and Solace

HostBridge Technology and Solace Systems help companies link critical mainframe assets and information with modern applications and architectures so they can send and receive large volumes of real-time information as part of big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things and mobility initiatives, all without modifying any mainframe code.

HostBridge and Solace: Value Proposition

Trends like big data, cloud computing, ubiquitous mobility and the Internet of Things all place new demands on enterprise IT – massive volumes of information, much more diverse and lightweight endpoints, and the increasingly distributed storage and processing of information.

Companies want to adopt innovative new tools and techniques to meet these requirements, but many new applications must also leverage trusted systems of record, including applications and data assets on the mainframe, that have handled core business functions for many years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Through the combination of Solace and HostBridge, companies can link these critical mainframe systems with modern applications and architectures so they can send and receive large volumes of real-time information, all without modifying any mainframe code.

With HostBridge as an integration/connectivity layer, the information currently locked in the mainframe can also see new life through Solace’s powerful publish/subscribe messaging capabilities, effectively making the mainframe a one-to-many event-driven publisher.



HostBridge: JavaScript Web Services for z Systems™ Integration

HostBridge is the only mainframe-resident Web services solution powered by server-side JavaScript, the same industry-standard technology used by today’s cloud, analytics, Web, and mobile innovators. The HostBridge JavaScript Engine (HB.js)[1] enables CICS applications and z Systems data assets to interact with other applications inside the company, systems running at partner organizations, SOAs, cloud resources, and client devices of every type via Web servers.

As a JavaScript engine, HostBridge enables easier development, faster deployment, higher fidelity to CICS applications, more reliable integration, and higher performance. And because JavaScript is so widely known, Web/mobile/interface developers rapidly learn to author mainframe integration applications.

Customers use HostBridge to orchestrate and automate CICS transaction processes as a single reusable service; aggregate mainframe-based transactions, programs, and data into streamlined composite services; and create dynamic new applications at the Web services layer without modifying mainframe code in any way. With HostBridge, customers transform legacy applications into modern, object-oriented applications that interoperate with any distributed information asset. Learn more on the HostBridge product pages.

Solace: High Performance Message Routers for the Mainframe

Solace excels at efficiently collecting, filtering and distributing large volumes of information. Solace can move more information with higher performance than software-based data distribution technologies do on their own, all as part of a unified platform that’s easier and less expensive to deploy, scale and operate than other solutions. Customers use Solace to improve and scale the data sharing capabilities of their existing enterprise applications, and to tackle data distribution challenges in new areas such as big data, global e-commerce, mobile outreach and the Internet of Things.

Interoperability between Solace and popular IBM products like DataPower, IBM Integration Bus, WebSphere Application Server, and WebSphere MQ lets you increase the performance, stability and flexibility of your infrastructure while leaving your existing mainframe applications in place. Solace provides IBM customers with a seamless path between today’s applications and tomorrow’s. To learn more about Solace and their mainframe hardware, visit their website here.


[1] HB.js was formerly known as the HostBridge Process Automation Engine.